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As I talked to people before starting this blog, I pitched it as a weird form of self-reflective journalism to be shared with an audience. I have some ideas about things I can write about. For example, my first real entry will be about the word carafe and how it’s in my top five favorite words. How would I make it something journalism-related? Well, I’m planning on talking to people who know language and see what they can tell me about carafes and maybe even talk to a linguist who can tell me what it is about words that makes us love them.

But then ideas for topics to write about dry up a little. As I was working the ungodly hours from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. last night, I tried thinking of other topics I can write about. Some of the ideas were more topical than others. For example, the term “blood libel” has been thrown around a little bit since Representative Giffords was shot in Arizona. Because I don’t want to talk politics on this blog, because it’s done so much elsewhere, I was thinking of delving into the actual topic of “blood libel” and talk to as many experts and not-so-expert people about it. Would that interest you, dear readers?

In case that doesn’t interest you, I thought of another topic I might cover that is completely not topical but very applicable to my life, especially since I work at night, in the dark, in neighborhoods with no streetlights. I was thinking about writing where our fear of the dark stems from. And I’m not talking about ghosts, or zombies, or monsters, or aliens. Even though I’m would curl up into a ball and die if I ever saw an alien while working, or at any time for that matter. Actually, I’m more afraid of getting out of my car in the dark neighborhoods that I work because they are adjacent to heavily wooded areas and I’m afraid some hungry mountain lion would mistake me for food and jump on me and then I’d ironically be the news item.

In summation, I have a bunch of topics that I can start with after my carafe piece. Which one would most interest you?


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